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Aug. 18th, 2013 @ 07:40 am Dream 08/18/2013

Last night i dreamt that I was at Harveys on Cherry Creek in Valdosta. I was there with my sister, 3 nephews and niece. We were at check out. My niece put the change on the counter for the cashier. When it was counted we were short a dollar and a cent. But some how the manager messed up the change. And I told him that we were going to need to remove an item. He called the manager to get an item removed. The manager came and I explained we were a dollar and a cent short. And needed an item removed. He started to argue about it. No one in line was willing to give a dollar and a cent so I told the manager id get a dollar and a sent. He grabbed my arm and then i pushed his head for him to let go. And i went and reached under the shelves. somehow i managed to climb under them. Got change people had dropped while shopping. got the dollar and a cent and took to cashier. sister and kids had left but my mom came in. I went to talk to the store manager and explained what happened. said i would just go to harveys in lakeland if needed.
then thee other manager was in a wheelchair and was some what herassing me. Somehow he managed to rub my right testical i said out loud not to touch my testical. people apparently found that funny. and so i am around the store waiting to hear about what was going to happen. one of the other employees called me to talk with him. he said i was going to get a warninng for smoking a cigarette in the store. i was like when. and then i remembered in line at the cashier. because my sister was smoking one too. then he nothing was going to happen with that manager because if coorporate fired him then they would look at the rest of the store. and they would fire more people.


What is upt with the stupid crazy dreams like this one?

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