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Apr. 25th, 2015 @ 12:44 am Current Situation
It has been a decent year and a half. I am not really feeling San Antonio, Texas. But its still been alright. I think I am just meant to move up to Tennessee. I really just want to go. I have for a while. I would kind of need $900 to move up there. I would predict $200 to get there. Then there is the matter of renting a place. I am unsure of how to make it all work.
Now the other news. The car radiator recently started leaking. The repairs minimally could be done at $350 if I did the labor myself. Not sure I could do that. With labor might could get it done for $700. Better than the $1400 by Firestone. I guess I should plan the repairs before leaving. Or Leave the car here.

Other than all that. I have been working doing Tech Support for Apple for a Year and a half now. It is getting hard to want to go to work. I am just tired of it. Maybe it is because I feel under appreciated at this company and lack the benefits. I found a company in Tennessee that is the same as what I am doing here ad offers better benefits and a little bit of better pay.

I wish I had got the Flight Attendant position. That would have been great to do. I think it is my current dream job. But I will have to wait a Year to apply with United again. Then with Delta I think I can apply again in a few months. I think I may have to take the time and practice the interviews.
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