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May. 20th, 2016 @ 03:19 am 2016
I'm still taking the same phone calls. Still having to roller coaster life. Prime example. 3 weeks ago there were one or two down days. Then the following week was the same. The last week I was depressed all week. Sunday May 14th 2016, me and Justin Sensat decided we would start dating.
He tries to send those comments that people dating would send. Yet I'm not sure how to react. Never was good at it. I will try to come around.

I quit smoking for a month. With the depression that has changed. We can try again soon.

I have my own place but I'm scared of losing it. I am scared to lose my job and not be able to find a new one or afford living with a new job. I'm just all out scared.

Well it's been a year.
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